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One device, infinite possibilities

Atome is the first instrument to combine the respective advantages of two devices : an electromagnetic field sensor and a contact microphone. Thus, you can interact with almost everything around to generate iconic samples and instruments.

After 3 years, 9 prototypes and 1 patent later

The Atome project is now at the stage of a pre-industrial prototype, fully functional and already used by artists such as Nicolas Becker (Gravity, First Contact) Giorgia Angiuli, Arwa O IsmailArthur Dubois, and Kyle Fraser (Halo Infinite, Call Of Duty MW3 2023). Another is ready to manufacture its product on a large scale and we have already linked up with strong partners such as Altyor Industries, a major French industrial group.

We're listening to you

Please note that the current photos show the latest prototype, not the final version of Atome. In fact, we will be involving our community so that every customer can participate actively in the project. In this way, we'll allow you to vote directly on the @another.offical account to determine the color of Atome and the type of connector you'd like to see on it. However, we can already tell you that Atome will be injection-molded from high-quality recycled plastic. 

Designed and Made in France

At Another, we are proud to design, develop, manufacture and assemble in France. Our human and geographical proximity with all our partners allows a direct and efficient communication. Thus, the project is guaranteed to progress at a good pace.

Delivery time

Please note that while we cannot yet announce a precise delivery date, we are committed to keeping our community informed of all news concerning the project's progress, whether good or bad. Based on the number of pre-sales orders we are taking and the availability of our industrial partners.

We don't yet have an estimated release date for Atome. However, we hope to reward your patience and support with a tool that better meets your needs.

Waiting rewarded with a benefit

To reward your patience, we are offering Atome on pre-sale at half price. 

We look forward to building a true community of sound and music makers.

Stay Creative :)

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